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Fenn Communications Group is one of the nation’s top political and public affairs media firms. Over the past 30 years we have worked in over 300 campaigns, from President to Mayor, and represented a number of Fortune 500 companies. We work with our clients to craft their messages in order to ensure maximum attention and impact. From the very start the entire team is involved in the process, ensuring continuity of vision and the highest quality end product.


Since 1983, FCG (previously Fenn & King, and Fenn King Murphy Putnam) have produced award-winning media for some of this country’s top political and referenda campaigns. FCG has served as media advisors in races for Mayor, Governor, Senator and every other level of statewide office – Lt. Governor, Attorney General and Treasurer. We have also been active in initiative and referenda campaigns across the US.


FCG assists corporate and association clients such as General Motors, Lockheed Martin, 3M, The Humane Society of the United States and The National Association of Realtors to provide strategic communications advice and produce image and issue advertising.


We specialize in quick-turnaround during corporate crisis situations – when top-quality response advertisements must be on the air at saturation levels within 24 hours. No one does this better than a political media firm. When corporations must respond to a crisis, FCG is prepared to fulfill a new component to crisis management – that of working with the public relations agency and the corporate leadership to develop immediate response advertising that dovetails with existing image and message.

Media Buying

FCG plans and places media buys of all sizes using a wide variety of advertising platforms including print, radio, television, online and outdoor. We work on campaigns of all sizes from those that target a single county to nationwide buys. Using current market research as well as information gathered from public opinion polling, FCG places the right messages in front of the right audiences. FCG approaches buying with the goal of delivering creativity and innovation in a cost-effective way.


The creative team at FCG consists of writers, directors, producers and editors. We work with clients to write and create ads and scripts that bring their messages to life and move opinions. FCG creates television, radio, print, online and outdoor advertising in addition to long-form videos. We also write, design and layout collateral materials including palm cards for candidates, logos and conference booklets and pamphlets. FCG works closely with polling firms to test which messages resonate most strongly with specific audiences and then uses that data to guide the creative development process. From pre-production through post-production, the entire team is involved in the process, ensuring continuity of vision and the highest quality end product.

  • One of the premier Democratic communications shops

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  • A media consulting powerhouse

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  • One of the leading media consultants for congressional incumbents

    Chicago Tribune
  • ‘They’re not afraid to mix it up, but what they did was not out of bounds. In the two campaigns I saw their work, the message was right on,’ noted one GOP operative familiar with their work last year.

    Roll Call
  • Gold-Plated Client List

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